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Why did you go into Veterinary medicine?

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. My friends used to call my house a Mini Zoo because of all the critters we adopted. I enjoy assisting our veterinarians in any way possible.

Why did you choose Plaza Del Amo?

From the moment I walked in for my interview I felt at home. Everyone was so kind and you could tell how much everyone loved being here. I had a couple of different job offers at the time, but I picked plaza because of that welcoming feeling.

How long have you worked at Plaza?

Since October 2018

What is your favorite animal movie?

“Cats Don’t Dance” – I’ve loved it since I was a child

What furry family members do you have?

My family and I have had many fur babies in my life- at one time we had three cats and three dogs all living in harmony. But for now all my love and attention is towards my senior Poodle/Terrier-mix, Max.

What person dead or alive would you like to have dinner with?

I wish I could spend time with my grandfather again.