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Room Vet Assistant


Room Vet Assistant


Why did you go into Veterinary medicine?

The reason I went into veterinary medicine was because I have always had a very strong passion for working with animals.

Why did you choose Plaza Del Amo?

I chose Plaza Del Amo because the environment and employees are very welcoming and friendly, very professional and on point.

What is your favorite animal movie?

My favorite animal movie would be “The Wild Thorneberrys”. I would love to be able to talk to animals.

What furry family members do you have?

I have two senior terrier mixes that I love very much.

If you could choose a person dead or alive to have dinner with who would it be?

If I chose anyone dead or alive to have dinner with it would be my grandmother because I miss her so very much and she always went out of her way to let me know she was proud of me in anything I chose to do.