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Front Desk Supervisor



Front Desk Supervisor


Why did you go into veterinary medicine?

After 30 years in the Florida restaurant industry, I moved to CA and began working with animals. Loved it ever since!

Why did you choose Plaza Del Amo Animal Hospital?

Found them by the great Yelp reviews! Love the wonderful clients, fur-babies, and awesome team.

How long have you worked at Plaza Del Amo?

Since 2016

What furry family members do you have?

4 dogs, 3 are rescue. Tanya (18), Sugar (17), Pickles (16), Clover (8)

What is your favorite animal movie?

Milo & Otis

What person dead or alive, would you like to have dinner with?

My mom & brother. My mom I hope to be like. My brother was my hero.